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Saturation diving

Saturation diving is a method adapted for long diving working hours. The principle is to have a pressurized bell going down every day to the work site and to have divers resting and sleeping in surface chambers, at the same pressure as the bottom, during the entire duration of the work, from several days to several weeks.

Decompression is carried out at on the surface under permanent monitoring, once the work is completed. It avoids daily decompression and reduces therefore the risk of decompression illness.

:: Data

  • - No daily decompression stops
  • - 6 hours of underwater work per 8 hours shift
  • - 3 shifts possible per day, i.e. 18 hours of work underwater per team
  • - Saturation duration: up to 28 days
  • - Depth: from 50 to 200 meters
  • - Decompression done on surface inside chambers, under close monitoring

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