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An Integrated Service

for dam operators
to execute special work

A vast range of complementary activities enables the Hydrokarst group to
deliver integrated services for all difficult-access work on dams.


Established in 1977 by Grenoble-based cave divers,
Hydrokarst delivers specialist work in difficult access conditions.

Today, our firm is based in Sassenage. We propose high-level expertise and know-how in many fields:

– Dam maintenance

– Natural hazards: cliff safety, landslide prevention

– Upkeep and renovation of conduits and tunnels

– Execution of underwater work in harbours

– Work on Tunnel Boring Machines

– Bridges: cable-stayed bridge

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

The Hydrokarst group holds the following certifications:

ISO 9001:
Quality management

ISO 14001:
Environmental management

ISO 45001:
Occupational health and safety management

Certification « Hyperbaric Works »:
Maintain and provide ressources for carrying out hyperbaric work in safety conditions

field teams

Hydrokarst teams feature specialists in work in extreme environments from depths of 200 m to altitudes of 3000 m and more. Whether in water or on ropes, the teams work in demanding and restrictive environments.

Our teams all hold professional qualifications which guarantee their know-how in the execution of difficult access work:

Our rope access teams hold Professional Qualification Certificates:

– PQC Level 1 : Rope Access Technician Certificate

– PQC Level 2 : Rope Access Technician Professional Certificate

– PQC Level 3 : Rope Access Word Manager

– PQC PNHT : Protection of Natural Hazard Technician

Our dive teams hold qualifications:

– Class 2 Category A

– Class 3 Category A

Our field teams are also fully qualified for all work falling under section 4 (Asbestos).

Unique resources to execute special work on dams

To meet the specific needs of underwater work, Hydrokarst owns its own saturation diving systems:

Today, our firm is based in Sassenage. We propose high-level expertise and know-how in many fields:

System no. 1:

5 elements fully equipped for 4 technicians.

System no. 2:

5 elements fully equipped for 8 technicians.

Hydrokarst also owns 700 m² of pontoon platforms to install saturation and dredging equipment.

Hydrokarst operates on

4 continents:

Europe, Africa, Asia and America