Sanitation network de-silting

Wastewater networks are sensitive points for the sanitary conditions of towns and cities. To ensure their operation and upkeep, it is regularly necessary to de-silt the conduit pipes.

De-silting enables us to :

  • – Remove blockages such as sediment, debris etc.
  • – Conduct surveys of structural states: erosion of concrete, pipes destroyed, waterproofing etc.
  • – Carry out renovation work

We carry out de-silting on mains sewer pipes, outfalls and other conduits even in the presence of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and with all flows in operation.

Our teams are trained to carry out renovation or de-silting work in constricted and confined spaces :

  • – Sanitation networks
  • – Outfalls in operation.

To work in these highly specific environments, our personnel hold qualifications in rope access techniques, confined space working methods and self-contained breathing apparatus.

For work requiring complex de-silting over several km for example, or subject to specific technical restrictions, we depend on our experience, creativity and sense of innovation to identify the optimal solution to meet the specifications.

We also design specific tools to de-silt pipes to ensure our work fully meets client requirements, in terms of costs, deadlines and the safety of both work sites and our technicians.

After de-silting, we carry out interior renovation work in pipes to maintain, improve or recover their structural performance :

  • – Installation of pre-fabricated elements such as culverts
  • – Installation of pre-fabricated elements such as GRP shells
  • – Application of polymerised concrete
  • – Application of sprayed concrete