Instrumentation - Sam Hydro

Sam Hydro is part of the Hydrokarst group. Since 1973 it has specialised in drilling and precision core drilling work for the instrumentation of dams and large civil engineering structures. Our teams are fully trained in drilling techniques for work on dam crests, facings and narrow tunnels.

Services proposed :

  • – Leak detection (underwater, in tunnels etc.)
  • – Drainage management plan
  • – Optimisation of waterproofing
  • – Feasibility studies for structural instrumentation
  • – Collection and analysis of concrete samples
  • – Drilling and core drilling work from strictly vertical entry points
  • – Injection work
  • – Installation of instrumentation systems on site

To deliver accurate monitoring of dam operations, Sam Hydro proposes expert know-how in the installation of instrumentation: pendulums, piezometers, inclinometers, crack meters, extensometers, displacement sensors.

Definitions :

  • – Pendulum: Measuring instrument used to quantify the horizontal displacement of a structure. Its use requires very precise drilling and/or core drilling work with constant monitoring of any deviations in the drilling direction to ensure a strictly vertical hole.
  • – Piezometer: Measuring instrument used to verify the position of the water table or the soil interstitial pressure. Its use also requires drilling work which in certain cases can be performed from the dam tunnels.
  • Inclinometer: Used to verify the stability or to monitor the movements of the slopes of the dam reservoir.
  • Crack meter: Used to trace the development of a crack. Such sensors are installed on either side of any crack requiring surveillance.
  • Extensometer: Used to measure the relative internal movements of the dam structure, in particular of the foundations.