Sprayed concrete

We use sprayed concrete in a wide range of projects. The technique is frequently used for :

  • – Studded or soldier pile walls
  • – Retaining walls
  • – Embankment protection
  • – Construction of struts
  • – Underground structures

Sprayed concrete is a quick method to apply concrete without using coffering.

It offers several benefits:

  • – It fits perfectly into the form work
  • – It can be deployed on difficult-access sites

There are two types of sprayed concrete application method :

  • – Dry-mix spray: a blend of cement and sand, without additional water. The water is added directly at the end of the lance to create the concrete spray. This dry-mix method meets certain spray distance restrictions. Dry-mix offers greater spraying distances than wet-mix. In certain cases, this method also helps manage the concrete preparation and deployment times.
  • – Wet-mix: the concrete mix is watered and machine-mixed then pumped through a pipe to the application nozzle.

Whatever the technique, dry or wet, spraying concrete requires a certain amount of experience and know-how.

Steel reinforcement bars (rebar) are installed prior to spraying. In other cases, metal reinforcements generally take the form of layers of welded wire mesh onto which the concrete is sprayed.

When the landscape to treat is more complex, sprayed concrete is an interesting choice to avoid the use of more “standard” coffering.

In certain specific cases, it is also possible to use fibrous sprayed concrete.