Wire mesh / nets

Our rope access technicians can install and maintain two types of meshes :

  • – Suspended mesh structures
  • – Fixed mesh structures

In both cases the structures are applied to retain unstable elements.

The method is considered passive when the mesh is suspended at a distance and falling rocks are directed towards the foot of the cliff or outcrop. The mesh is secured at the base with ballast.

When the mesh is fixed more closely against the wall, the method is considered active because the mesh prevents rocks from falling. The mesh is fixed using wall anchors which can be used alongside retention anchors.

After surveying the site and assessing the risks involved, we can propose the most suitable protection solution to the morphology of the landscape.

For retention work with meshes, we firstly install the anchors and define the coverage zones, with validation by the project management. Then our teams install the meshes and attach the anchors to hold them in place.

Our teams use advanced equipment to carry out all the mesh and net installation work :

  • – Drilling and injection rigs
  • – Elevator cradles
  • – Mobile cranes
  • – Handling equipment

We regularly use helicopters to assist us in this work. Our teams are therefore accustomed to working with specialist helicopter lifting teams, in particular on high-altitude sites.

We also carry out maintenance on rockfall prevention systems :

  • – Installation of meshes and nets (suspended or fixed)
  • – Maintenance of unstable elements
  • – Cables, anchors and poles
  • – Periodical inspections
  • – Preventive maintenance
  • – Repairs and replacements