Underwater work

Our professional divers can work in a variety of aquatic environments to complete a wide range of tasks :

  • – Assistance in installing/removing stoplogs
  • – Silt removal
  • – Underwater inspections
  • – Installation of packing devices
  • – Floating
  • – Underwater cutting; wrecks, sheet and tube piles etc.
  • – Demolition and structural dismantling: rock removal
  • – Maintenance work at water treatment plants
  • – Work in karst environments
  • – ROV support
  • – Harbour work
  • – Underwater hydromechanical work
  • – All types of concreting and civil engineering work

In addition to their diving skills which enable them to operate safely in low-visibility conditions, our divers are excellent multi-skilled technicians. They can weld, scour, fit, dismantle components underwater without leverage on the ground, under extremely low visibility.

Our divers can work at a range of depths from just below the surface to 200 m down, using :

  • – Umbilical equipment
  • – Bell diving – down to 78 m
  • – Saturation diving – down to 200 m

They hold several qualifications :

  • – Class 2 Category A
  • – Class 3 Category A

Our divers also hold explosives certificates (CPT) for underwater demolition and drilling and blasting operations.

Underwater work using saturation system :

Most of our underwater work is done in dam reservoirs around the world.

Saturation diving is a professional diving technique where divers live in hyperbaric chambers at the surface, creating an environment at the same pressure as the depth where they are performing work, for up to 31 days.

A bell is used as an elevator to transport the divers between the chamber and the work depth. The aim is to enable personnel to work longer on the project in hand, with decompression only occurring at the end of the duty period (31 days).

This hyperbaric diving technique is used for depths below 50 m, but it is the length of the work period at the required depth that will determine whether a saturation system is used or not.

When we work on dam reservoirs, we deploy our 700 m² pontoon platform on the surface of the water. The hyperbaric chamber equipment is positioned on the pontoon using a crane.

Our company is certified « Hyperbaric Works »:

In accordance with the requirements of the decree of 29th September 2017 degree and as part of our underwater work assignments, Hydrokarst holds the “Hyperbaric Work” certification.

Documentation concerning our saturation systems :