We deliver 100 years of experience to our customers, serving their needs in terms of penstock design, maintenance, repairs, refurbishment and new construction.

We deliver a full range of services from design to installation of all penstock elements.

Our design office produces designs for the refurbishment or construction of penstocks. We use advanced IT tools to generate 3D models of penstocks and their components. Using these tools we create 2D and 3D drawings and calculations to validate equipment dimensions and activate their production.

Working hand in hand with field teams, we deploy appropriate work site organisation and work methods suited to the installation and maintenance of penstocks.

Our know-how also enables us to manufacture all the constituent components of the penstock, such as metal components with complex geometrical shapes for the conduit, joints and other systems.

When carrying out work, our technicians dismantle old penstocks and install the new components. These may be conduit sections, sleeves or expansion joints. Our teams can work on-site or off-site to cut and weld metal sheeting to ensure a perfect fit on all components.

Alongside, we can also create, renovate or adapt civil engineering structures associated with the new penstock :

  • – Renovation or construction of foundations and piles
  • – Grouting, support mortar or underpinning

Our teams perform preventive and curative maintenance of penstocks :

  • – Replacement of sleeves with inspection ports
  • – Replacement of expansion joints
  • – Replacement of sliding joints
  • – Replacement of locking joints
  • – Welding and forming plates
  • – Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • – Application of interior and exterior anti-corrosion paint

To help during installation, we conduct studies to build specific lifting equipment or any other tools to help execute a penstock project in full respect of safety regulations, quality standards, costs and deadlines.