Landslide / rockfall protection screen

Since our company was established, we have specialised in the installation and maintenance of structures such as rockfall or landslide protection barriers.

We propose a full service, from site surveys to maintenance and installation.

Rockfall barriers are categorised as passive protection systems. Such structures dissipate the energy received in an impact; their dimensioning depends on the estimated volumes and speed of impact of rocks. Several models of barriers are available, with absorption capacities from 12.5 kJ to 8000 kJ. Their deployment varies according to the model and energy class.


As part of a project to install rockfall or landslide protection barriers, we conduct a full site survey and in the surrounding cliffs and mountains. Then we prepare a full assessment by evaluating the risk of rockfall, which will enable us to prioritise the installation of barriers.


We conduct construction studies to execute the work according to the specifications, deadlines, budget and safety rules inherent to the project. Calculations are made to determine the best constituent components of the protective barrier, including the rockfall nets, meshes and anchors required.


  • – Brush removal / Earthworks
  • – Installation
  • – Construction of anchors
  • – Handling of all elements into place
  • – Assembly of elements
  • – Verification of tightening torques and structural geometry


We propose maintenance service for rockfall and landslide protective barriers. In this case we conduct regular inspections at a frequency according to your needs. We also coordinate preventive maintenance work. Where necessary, we can repair or replace damaged elements.

Technical details concerning rockfall barriers

  • – Absorption capacity: 100 kJ to 5000 kJ
  • – Height: between 2 m and 7 m
  • – Anti-corrosion protection according to applicable standards
  • – Compliant with ISO 1460 and 1461

Technical details concerning landslide barriers

  • Certification UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2000
  • – Between 2 m and 5 m in height