Underwater and rope access inspections & surveys

Hydrokarst delivers its know-how and experience to conduct underwater and/or rope access inspections on all dam structures.

Our rope access technicians and divers have specific knowledge and technical skills enabling them to carry out work underwater, in confined spaces and via rope access.

We are a source of creative solutions, imagination and design in the deployment of procedures and techniques to meet all the requirements of inspection and survey specifications.

Our field teams work closely with our design office and innovation department. The design and production of tools and/or techniques required to execute work always observe health and safety regulations.

Our divers use leading edge technologies to carry out underwater inspections, with the assistance of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) fitted with the necessary sensors. Our rope access technicians can receive airborne support from drones or helicopters fitted with video sensors, thermal scanners, 3D scanners etc.
We can inspect dam structures in detail without emptying the reservoir, with no limit on the time scale or reservoir depth.

Some of the day-to-day activities of our teams :

– Underwater and rope access inspection of dam facings

– Underwater inspection of water inlets, trash racks, valves etc.

– Assessment of silting

– Bathymetry, topography and metrology

– Survey of corrosion on embedded parts

– Sampling of sediment, concrete

– State of operating elements

– Use of ROV with feedback and real-time positioning

– Low-visibility underwater inspection using acoustic cameras

Underwater and rope access inspections also feature full surveys :

– Technical feasibility studies for maintenance or renovation operations

– Design of equipment to be replaced

– Budget estimates for structural refurbishment or maintenance