Hydrokarst subsidiary SDEM Hydro proposes custom services to create, repair and maintain gates and their motors for all types of structures : dams, locks etc.

We work on gates in France and internationally :

  • – Sector gates
  • – Hollow jet valves
  • – Roller gates
  • – Frame gates
  • – Wall gates
  • – Control gates
  • – Spillway gates
  • – Bulkhead doors

We also design, manufacture and install suitable lifting equipment to fit and remove gates in light of weight and handling restrictions.

When refurbishing gates, we carry out metrology inspections to validate the initial elements. We also make an assessment of any issues encountered.

Steps in refurbishing gates following removal :

  • – Pre-sanding
  • – Shell thickness measurements and identification of sections / portions to replace
  • – Replacement of shell zones
  • – Replacement of reinforcement
  • – Welding and ultra-sound inspections
  • – Sanding and application of anti-corrosion paint
  • – Replacement of joints and compression seals
  • – Testing on all elements.

Steps in refurbishing gates motors :

  • – Motor degreasing and cleaning
  • – Inspection of faults: repairs and/or replacements
  • – Application of anti-corrosion paint
  • – Refitting
  • – Replacement of sensors, brakes and other ancillary components
  • – Testing and adjustment

Gates refitting :

Reverse process to removal. Gates are refit in place with their motors, using suitable lifting equipment. If the refurbishment requires, new electrical cabinets may be installed to power the motors and enable operation of the gates from the control room.

A testing sequence is then carried out to ensure the gates operate correctly and that all elements are leaktight.