Rope access work

Our rope access technicians have specific know-how and skills that enable them to carry out work while suspended vertically in a variety of environments.

They hold Rope Access Professional Certifications :

  • – CQP Level 1 rope access
  • – CQP Level 2 rope access
  • – CQP Level 3 rope access

They are also qualified for work in asbestos-contaminated environments – section 4​.

Our teams hold the CQP professional qualifications as Workers in the Protection of Natural Hazards (OPRN). They are frequently active on work projects such as :

  • – Installation of rockfall and landslide protection
  • – Installation of stabilisation anchors
  • – Drilling and coring
  • – Scaling and drilling and blasting
  • – Installation of nets and meshes
  • – Concrete spraying

But also :

  • – Inspection and work on dam facings
  • – Inspection and work in penstocks
  • – Installation of walkways
  • – Installation and maintenance of cable stays

They use all equipment required to ensure their safety on work sites and conduct their work in full observance of quality requirements, budget criteria and deadlines.