Ground anchors are used in work to secure structures. A ground anchor is used to transfer to the ground all efforts applied to structures requiring stabilisation. The connection between the anchor and the ground features an embedded support plate. The installation of anchors must be simple to facilitate movement on steep slopes such as cliffs and road embankments.

Anchors are an essential phase in all stabilisation work. Their dimensioning and underpinning are critical factors which must rely on extensive prior experience.

Our well-versed rope access teams enable Hydrokarst to deploy ground anchors for a variety of stabilisation work :

  • – Soldier pile and studded walls
  • – Embankments
  • – Rockfall and landslide protection
  • – Installation of rockfall screens
  • – Micro-pile foundations: e.g. bridge and walkway abutments
  • – Stabilisation of existing foundations

We install all types of anchors according to the safety requirement specifications :

  • – Studs and bolts
  • – Active or passive ground anchors
  • – Micro-piles

To ensure respect of budgets, deadlines and quality requirements on our sites, we use top grade equipment and supplies to conduct all our stabilisation and safety-related jobs:

  • – Manual drills
  • – Light drilling rig
  • – Badger drilling rig
  • – Hydraulic or pneumatic skid on transporter
  • – Trailer-mounted injection system
  • – Mobile injection unit

Upstream of our work we conduct suitability test to validate the technical solution proposed for the stabilisation project.

We also carry out several tests, including grout compression resistance and anchor traction resistance to ensure the stabilisation work is fully secure.