Our technicians regularly perform work on immersed outfalls and conduits at thermal plants, sewers etc. They install and extend existing conduits.

The installation of pre-fabricated elements (shells, culverts etc.) can be used to repair or refurbish sanitation networks over long or short sections.

These actions require two distinct phases:

  • – Installation of rigid or flexible pre-fabricated elements (shells);
  • – Deployment of blocking materials between the pre-fabricated elements and the existing structure.

Depending on the required purpose, this refurbishment can restore, upkeep or upgrade structural performance in order to ensure the pipeline operates correctly.

Conduits can be refurbished over full or partial sections (apron, culvert etc.) according to the state of the structure.

Our technical teams are capable of working in all accessible structures :

  • – All accessible sizes and shapes: circular, oval, rectangular etc.
  • – All types: masonry, rebar or standard concrete, fibrous cement etc.
  • – Conveying all types of fluid: rainwater or wastewater, industrial water (by gravity or discharge) etc.

Our experience in the renovation of tunnels, conduits, outfalls etc. enables us to deliver specific services for these types of structures :

  • – Design work
  • – Network connections
  • – Backfilling
  • – Cathodic protection
  • – Leak repairs
  • – Joint changes
  • – Installation of sleeves
  • – Removal of obstructions
  • – Repositioning
  • – Ballasting