Scaling and blasting

When it is impossible to shore up a rock mass due to high volume or poor stability, we can use scaling or drilling and blasting techniques. Drilling and blasting is used to facilitate rock removal by dimensioning the size of residual rocks after detonation. Scaling is done manually to remove unstable rock formations.

Our rope access technicians are well-versed in the use of explosives. They all hold the French CPT explosives certification which is mandatory for driling and blasting work.

Our teams use specific equipment to carry out their work. They use a special drilling rig to create blasting holes and full electrical equipment to carry out their operations in full safety.

Initially, we define a blasting plan for validation by the project management or engineering office.

Then we insert the explosives for the drilling and blasting operations.

The work area is fully secured beforehand and roads are blocked whenever necessary.

Earth-moving machines are always on site to remove the detritus as soon as possible.