• Year: 2013 – 2017
  • Country: Mozambique
  • Activity: Dams
  • Full refurbishment of Chicamba and Mavuzi hydroelectricity production plants

The refurbishment covered stabilisation and protection work on cliffs surrounding the plant along with penstocks, renovation of internal road network, renovation of plant buildings (water arrival points, sanitary facilities, insulation, roofing and flooring), renovation of supply tunnel to Mavuzi, levelling of apron, preparation for replacement of Mavuzi G1 and G2 turbines etc.

Major industrial painting work was carried out, including the application of paint, anti-corrosion paints and finishing coats on penstocks immersed in water and on dry land, shielding, gates and valves, turbine parts and retention devices, interior and exterior of plant buildings etc.

In terms of hydromechanical work, the following components were replaced or refurbished:

– Floodgate valves
– Water inlet and bottom valves,
– Stoplogs
– Hollow jet valves
– Trash racks and booms
– Operating devices
– Cranes and winches, local control cabinets